B*tch. All Rob Wanted Was A Yoink Medal On Halo Reach. He Does Work For XBOXCOOLCLAN. So Don't Betray Him. Actually, Do Betray Him Because This Was Just Horrible. It Was Going To Be A N00Bs First Kill In The Game.
Going In For The Kill

N00B - Yes, My First Ever Kill, And It's A Assassination Rob - Perfect Time To Get Yoink

That Did It

N00B - Yes, It's Rob From The Cool Clan. He's My Lifelong Hero, Wait He Stole My Kill Rob - Stupid N00B

And You Don't Like It

N00B - F**k It. I Don't Like It Anymore. I'm Going To Kill Him *Pulls Trigger* Rob - NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thumb|300px|right|DAMN IT.