Flaming Recon Is A Variant Of The Halo 3 Armor Recon. It Is Only Available To Bungie Employees. It Is Known That Robertman12345 And 397205air Want It Even More Than Recon.
Flaming Recon

Flaming Recon!

Not A Helmet?Edit

According To A Source Which Wants To Be Annoymous (Click Here To Find Out Who It Was That Told Us!!!!)

Flaming Recon Is Not A Helmet But Is A Chest Plate. It Simply Adds The Flames To Any Helmet, Which Means You Could Have Flaming Hayabusa Or Mark VI If You Wanted To. It Also Gives You The Bungie Logo Next To Your Gamertag.
Flaming Hayabusa

Flaming Hayabusa! EPIC!